Evergreen has a thriving doubles squash community. There are various options to learn doubles, play with friends, play in organized groups, and play at higher levels.

The below chart gives you an indication of the opportunities available, followed by the contact information for the different opportunities.

Highest level of play and commitment


Intermediate to advanced players


Vancouver Doubles Squash League (VDSL) is a city-wide league with matches, usually Wednesday nights, from October through March at participating clubs.

For players with a strong knowledge of the game basics and rules.



Intermediate to advanced players


Doubles Squash Tournaments are hosted by Evergreen Squash Club throughout the year.

For players with a strong knowledge of the game basics and rules.

Various levels of play and commitment


Beginner to advanced players


In-House Doubles Leagues are run at various times during the year. 

For players with a knowledge of the game and rules.

Organizers pit participants against players of similar levels.

These leagues can be a fun way of getting to know others at similar levels of play, in addition to be social and including wind-up events.

Games with friends


Beginner to advanced players


Games with friends is naturally one of the delights of squash.

Booking for courts is done via SportyHQ and doubles courts can be booked 1 week in advance at 10 am.

To book go to;

Learning to play or skill development


Absolute beginner to advanced players


Professional Coaching is available at Evergreen and is arranged individually.

New players are strongly encouraged to learn the basics from a Professional.

Intermediate and advanced players can develop important skills by taking advantage of Evergreen’s Professional Coach.


Info Needed Contact Email
Leagues and Coaching Club Pro, Thomas Brinkman

[email protected]

In-house Leagues Club Manager, Cathy Covernton

[email protected]

In-house Box Ladder Lynn Broman

[email protected]


Refer to the Evergreen Squash Club/ Club Documents section on SportyHQ for up to date Objectives and Conduct in the game, Application Forms, and Policies.