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Squash is an ideal sport for school age children with a season that is in sync with the school year (September to June) and after school training programs that allow for flexibility with busy schedules. The Evergreen Squash Academy in West Vancouver is the best junior squash program in BC and one of the top in Canada, with 7 junior boys and 6 junior girls ranked in the top 10 in BC in their respective age categories, as well as several nationally and internationally ranked elite juniors. Past Evergreen Junior graduates have played on various Canadian and US University varsity squash teams such as Western, McGill, U of T, Cornell, Princeton and Harvard.

Our main goal is to promote a sport which has proven to keep children healthy in body and mind. As well as helping them stay focused through college, work and the rest of their lives!

Develop the sport of squash within the community at a recreational level by offering programs and events allowing children and teens to enjoy a fun, and motivating sport. At the same time, offer the opportunity to progress to a competitive level, locally and nationally.


Program Objectives
•Introduce juniors to the game of squash, including rules and match play.
•Teach and encourage sportsmanship.
•Develop racquet skills, strategic thought, and the setting of objectives.
•Improve fitness.
•Build friendships, gain confidence, and have fun!.


Benefits of the Program

  • Physical and skills development:
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Muscle tone and strength (legs, core, arms)
  • Great speed, agility and balance
    Excellent cross-training for any other sports such as hockey, soccer, volley-ball, & rugby
  • Learn strategy, critical thinking, and setting of objectives by playing games
  • Have fun and gain personal confidence


Evergreen Junior Fund

Thanks to donations, and volunteer time, we can offer support for children that want to participate. Also, the Evergreen Squash Club has lowered the rates for younger juniors in an effort to make membership more affordable.

We want to have as many children as possible participating in the program, so please contact the Junior Development Director if financial support may be needed..

More Info & How to Register

For more information on The Evergreen Squash Academy please contact Head Squash Pro Thomas Brinkman at:
[email protected]

For information on the current Evergreen Squash Academy programs, including schedule and pricing.

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