Squash BC


Name Where When
SquashFEST 2018 20th Jul to 22nd Jul
Name Where When
Sun and Surf 2018 15th Aug to 19th Aug
Canada Winter Games Squad Training Session 2018 25th Aug to 26th Aug
Name Where When
Kamloops Tournamnent Capital Games - Squash 2018 7th Sep to 9th Sep
Regional Training Squad Interior - Fall 2018 15th Sep to 16th Sep
Women's Squash Week (WSW) Club Events 2018 15th Sep to 22nd Sep
Shawnigan Lake Junior Open 2018 21st Sep to 23rd Sep
Ontario Junior Gold #1 21st Sep to 23rd Sep
2018 Early Bird Singles & Doubles 25th Sep to 30th Sep
Regional Training Squad Coast - Fall 2018 29th Sep to 30th Sep
Name Where When
2018 Vancouver Island Open 11th Oct to 14th Oct
Ontario Junior Gold #2 12th Oct to 14th Oct
Revelstoke Bear's Den Classic 2018 19th Oct to 21st Oct
2018 BC Junior Open 26th Oct to 28th Oct
Name Where When
2018 Jericho Open 1st Nov to 4th Nov
2018 Port Alberni Remembrance Day Squash Tournament 9th Nov to 11th Nov
2018 Hollyburn Junior Open Fall Classic 9th Nov to 11th Nov
2018 Tree Brewing Kelowna Open 9th Nov to 11th Nov
Alberta Jesters Junior Open (2018) 9th Nov to 11th Nov
Queen ofthe Hill - Womens Squash Weekend 2018 9th Nov to 11th Nov
2018 University of Victoria Open 16th Nov to 18th Nov
2018 Western Canadian Doubles Squash Championships 16th Nov to 18th Nov
2018 Nelson No Frills 23rd Nov to 25th Nov
2018 BC Open 23rd Nov to 25th Nov
Name Where When
2018 Gamble Doubles 100/75 4th Dec to 8th Dec
2018 BCAC No Frills 5th Dec to 8th Dec
2018 Canadian Junior Open 8th Dec to 11th Dec
January 2019
Name Where When
Penticton 10th Annual PRFC Squash Tournament 11th Jan to 13th Jan
2019 Canadian Masters Team 11th Jan to 13th Jan
Regional Training Squad Coast - Winter 2019 12th Jan to 13th Jan
Provincial Training Squad - Winter 2019 12th Jan to 13th Jan
2019 Jesters Jericho Junior Open 18th Jan to 20th Jan
Nanaimo Squash Club Trend Diesel Open 2019 25th Jan to 27th Jan
Ontario Junior Gold #3 25th Jan to 27th Jan
Pacific Coast Open Doubles (San Francisco) 2019 25th Jan to 27th Jan
February 2019
Name Where When
2019 BC University Championships 1st Feb to 3rd Feb
Kamloops Squash - Womens Weekend 2019 1st Feb to 3rd Feb
2019 Evergreen Tournament 1st Feb to 3rd Feb
2019 Jesters Doubles Tournament 6th Feb to 10th Feb
Sea to Sky Tournament 2019 8th Feb to 10th Feb
2019 Comox Valley Squash Club Tournament 8th Feb to 10th Feb
2019 Jesters Pacific Northwest Junior Championship 14th Feb to 17th Feb
2019 Canadian Men's Team Championship 15th Feb to 17th Feb
2019 Canadian Women's Team Championship 15th Feb to 17th Feb
2019 BC Closed 20th Feb to 24th Feb
Ontario Junior Gold #4 22nd Feb to 24th Feb
Canada Winter Games 2019 24th Feb to 2nd Mar
March 2019
Name Where When
2019 Canadian University & College Championships 1st Mar to 31st Mar
2019 BC Doubles Championships 8th Mar to 10th Mar
2019 BC Junior Closed 8th Mar to 10th Mar
2019 Nelson Spring Classic 8th Mar to 10th Mar
King of the Courts 2019 13th Mar to 16th Mar
2019 Victoria City Championships 13th Mar to 16th Mar
2019 Sport Central Junior Open 29th Mar to 31st Mar
April 2019
Name Where When
2019 Vancouver Racquets Club Tournament 3rd Apr to 7th Apr
2019 Canadian Doubles Championships 5th Apr to 7th Apr
The River Club Open 2019 10th Apr to 14th Apr
2019 Canadian Junior Championships 11th Apr to 14th Apr
No Limits Spring Squash Open 2019 12th Apr to 14th Apr
Vernon Open 2019 19th Apr to 21st Apr
2019 Pacific Rim Squash Championships 25th Apr to 28th Apr
2019 Hollyburn Junior Open Spring Classic 26th Apr to 28th Apr
2019 Canadian Mixed Doubles Championships 26th Apr to 28th Apr
2019 Canadian Squash Championships 30th Apr to 5th May
May 2019
Name Where When
Whistler Squash Classic 2019 17th May to 19th May
Top 20 Ranking, All Players
Sanctioned Leagues
Howe Sound Spring House league Squash (Singles)
Kamloops Squash League Squash (Singles)
Nanaimo Summer Squash League 2015 Squash (Singles)
NSC League Squash (Singles)
Premier Squash League Squash (Singles)
Raymond James Fraser Valley League Squash (Singles)
Revelstoke Squash League Squash (Singles)
TCC Summer Squash League Squash (Singles)
Test League Squash (Singles)
Tree Brewing Okanagan Squash League Squash (Singles)
Vancouver Doubles Squash League Squash (Doubles)
Vancouver Ladies Doubles League Squash (Doubles)
Vancouver Open Doubles League Squash (Doubles)
Vancouver Squash League Squash (Singles)
Victoria City Squash League Squash (Singles)
Victoria Jr Squash League Squash (Singles)
Victoria Women’s Squash League Squash (Singles)
VSL Div 1 Women's Spring League Squash (Singles)
Squash BC Positioning Statement
Committed to collaboration and community, Squash BC channels the intensity and passion for the sport into opportunities for squash players of today and tomorrow. Through driving awareness and advocacy inside and outside the squash court, Squash BC’s goals are to provide leadership in promoting the sport, provide access to funding and enabling lasting connections for its members across the province.

Squash is and will continue to be a growing, flourishing, lifelong sport of choice for active, health conscious British Columbians of all ages.

Squash BC is a non-profit organization providing leadership and direction for the growth and development of the sport of squash in BC.
We will do this by:
• Promoting the growth of squash throughout BC and encouraging more people to play squash.
• Providing valued services to our individual members and squash clubs in BC.
• Promoting and sanctioning competitions within BC.
• Promoting our athletes at the national and international levels of play.
• Developing programs that will increase the level of play and improve the quality of coaching and refereeing.
• Building strong relationships with BC squash clubs and local, provincial, national and international squash associations.
• Seeking and accepting gifts, donations and legacies that will further the sport of squash.

• We value our members and will endeavour to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
• We value ethical squash environments that foster the principles of fair play, safety, respect and healthy competition.
• We value excellence in the timely and professional delivery of our programs and services.
• We value collaboration and partnership with squash stakeholders across the province and Canada to ensure open communication and the development of win-win partnerships.
• We value the role of our sport in both community and athlete development.
Sub Organizations

There are 1 sub-organizations associated with Squash BC.

Contact Info
4867 Ontario St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V5V 3H4
604 737 3084

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