Premier Squash League

Rules 5.0
Player Eligibility Players must be in good standing with Squash BC.
Captains are preselected based on Squash BC ranking.

Players are given a playng position and must be drafted in that position or lower.

DRAFT ORDER: lowest ranked captain gets 1st pick of 2nd round in up/down selection   Cards are drawn for team order of selection in the 3rd/4th and 5th round.

Teams 5 player teams selected in draft.   
Official spares list is open to all teams.

Only players on the official spares list can play. Spares are designated for a specific playing position and can play that spot or higher.

Players can be added to the spare list at the discretion of the PSL executive committee.

Requests to be added can be made by email: [email protected]

Team Order

Players must play according to their pre-determined rank.
Players can play up a level but not down.   
In-team challenges can be made one position at a time.   
Ex:  A #4 can challenge a #3. The winner will hold the higher spot for the next 2 league matches.

Repeat challenges must be delayed until 2 league matches have taken place.   Team order must be submitted by captains before the start of the 1st match.
Team order can only be protested prior to start of 1st match.

Order of Play

A preset order of play is determined for each week at season start and will not be altered.  

For example; 4321, 3214, 2143

Minimum Play Each of the 5 players on a team must play a minimum of 5 matches per season.   Failure by any player to do so results in penalties and ineligibility for playoffs.
Points 1 point awarded for each game won.
1 bonus point awarded for each match won.
Non-team Spares do not receive bonus point.
Regular season standings determines playoffs.
Nightly winners decided by games won, games lost, points differencial.
Penalty Points (-1) for the following…   
Not wearing sponsor shirt for first two games of each match.
Lateness; 10 minute default rule per game 
IF there is a default the next match will start 5 minutes after the entire match has been default   
IF the designated player/ref is not present at the start of a match   Unsportsmanlike conduct   

(-5) for each match per player under the minimum play rule   
Specific players to be evaluated in case of a major injury.
Referees Both teams are responsible for sharing referee duties for 1st match/es.
Loser to referee following match.
Fees The fee is $250 per player.
Prize Money

Regular season: $100 / winning team per night
Playoffs (1st): $TBA
Playoffs (2nd): $TBA