Raymond James Fraser Valley League

Individual Payment

League Rules

Adopted, September 12, 2010

Revised, September 1, 2016

Mission Statement: “The Fraser Valley Squash League exists to promote squash in the Fraser Valley and provide a friendly level of competition/socialization for the squash players of the Fraser Valley.”

The Fraser Valley Squash League, (FVSL,) has two divisions, Div. 1 plays on Wednesday night and Div. 2 plays on Tuesday night. Start times are 7:00 pm at host club. Please be on time as some clubs close at 9:00 pm.

  • All persons playing in FVSL must be members of Squash BC. Substitutes who play 3 or more times must also become members of Squash BC.
  • All players are expected to treat referees and opponents with respect. Any complaints about offensive, disruptive or intimidating behavior during league matches, or some other flagrant disregard for the rules of squash, will be investigated by the league executive using the procedures outlined in the Squash BC "Code of Conduct" policy.
  • All teams must present their rosters to the league executive at least one week before the start of the season. Teams should declare team positions at the start of the year. This is done by going to the team page and clicking on a players “Normal Position” and then the spot they normally play. All other players on the team roster should be designated a spare.
  • Clubs with multiple teams in the same division should endeavour to make the teams equal in playing strength.
  • Teams may wish to list a roster of 5 or more people if two people decide to share a position; persons sharing a position on a team cannot substitute in a position below the one of which they are a part (for example, two people sharing position 3 on a team can substitute for positions 1 and 2, but not in position 4).
  • Teams must designate each team member to a particular position before the beginning of the season (it is helpful to use Squash BC ranking points). These positions may be adjusted during the season on the basis of internal team challenges, or changes in Squash BC ranking points. All internal team challenges must be entered into Sporty HQ. A lower ranked player must win 2 challenges in a row to take over a higher spot. If two players are close in rankings and have played challenge matches entered into Sporty HQ that shows not much difference, those two players may exchange spots but the order must be entered in the team lineup the day before. This is an easy process that’s done by clicking a box beside the players name on the team page. Players on the team can also provide their availability for future league nights from their own home page.
  • Captains must declare their teams ONLINE the day before matches start. This will
    • Facilitate the entering of scores by the home team captains. New spares will be added to the team before league play.
    • Provide the home team captains the ability to print score sheets with the players names.
    • Allow referees who use the Sporty HQ scoring app to download the league matches and then upload them.
    • Place players in the correct order according to their latest rankings or challenge matches so opponents can see who they need to prepare for.
  • Each league match will be decided by the best of 5 games (i.e., the match is complete when one player has won 3 games).
  • Games will be played using point-a-rally scoring to 15 for all divisions. If the score reaches 14-all, the game continues until one player has a margin of two points, whereupon that player wins the game.
  • Match results should be entered on the league website by the home team captain or designate within 48 hours at http://www.sportyhq.com. Results should be entered using the "Game" score as in, 15-10, 15-11, 15-12. The bonus points will only be split in the case of a tie of matches won, games won and points won. Every point will count towards a team win/loss.
  • Spares may spare for multiple teams. However after 3 times sparing in the league, FVL fees and Squash BC membership must be paid. Spares should be added to the team’s lineup before league matches are played in so the results can be updated right after the match.
  • Div. 1 players cannot be used as substitutes in Div. 2.
  • Div. 2 players may be used as substitutes in Div. 1, but will be considered a Div. 1 player if they substitute at least 3 times for the same Div. 1 team. Such players will no longer be eligible to play in Div. 2.
  • Spares must play in either the position of the player whom they are replacing, or in a position below that of the missing person (for example, if a player in position 3 is missing, the substitute may play in position 3, or in position 4 in which case the team's regular #4 would play position The use of substitute players will be monitored by the league executive: teams using substitutes to gain an unfair advantage will have their results modified. (An example of unfair advantage would be: player #4 is missing, so the team captain recruits a substitute capable of playing competitively at position #1. The team decides to use this substitute to play in position #1, and moves everyone body else on the team down one position.)
  • Players that are officially a member of one team may spare for another team if their official team has a bye or the player they may be sharing a position with is playing that week.