Victoria Jr Squash League

League Rules

1  Name and Organization

  • The Victoria Jr. Squash League is a non-profit organization sanctioned by Squash BC for Juniors only.
  • The organizers are Chris Hanebury and Giselle Delgado, and they shall be CCd on any emails regarding rescheduling
  • Any junior players living in the Victoria area who wish to play, shall contact the organizers and will be added to a spare list.

2  Composition of Teams

  • Each team consists of 10 players, all under the age of 19 or still in High School.
  • The teams will be made by the organizers at the start of the season
  • The order of the players within a team may change if challenges within a team occur.
    • Players may challenge the player up to one spot above them.
    • A player cannot challenge the same person ahead of them more than once in between scheduled league dates
    • All efforts must be made to accommodate challenge matches.
    • The original challenger is responsible for emailing the results (w/ score of e/game) to the organizers within 24hrs of the match and CC their opponent, regardless of outcome.
  • A player may use the occasional spare with a ranking around his or her own, but must check with organizers by 5pm on the Friday prior to the scheduled match time.
    • A spare may only sub during playoffs if they have played at least 3 matches for that team.

3  Scheduling and Court Usage

3.1 Start Time

  • League play is on Saturdays at the SMUS squash court. Players are scheduled to play as following; Position 1 at 2:30, Position 2 at 2, Position 3 at 1:30, Position 4 at 1, Position 5 at 12:30, Position 6 at 12, Position 7 at 11:30, Position 8 at 11, Position 9 at 10:30 and Position 10 and 10.

3.2 Attire

  • Players must wear non-marking shoes and protective goggles.
    • In the case of players with glasses- they must be shatterproof glasses.
    • If prescription glasses are needed and they are not shatterproof, goggles that go over your glasses must be worn.

3.3 Rescheduling

  • If a player cannot play a match during the scheduled date, they must notify the organizers and their opponent by 5pm the Friday prior to the scheduled match day.
    • If a player fails to communicate their absence by the deadline the match will be scored as 3-0 for the opponent.
  • You must reschedule before the deadline by emailing your opponent and the organizers. The match can be played at the location of choice before the start of playoffs (January 30th, 2016), and results must be submitted by 5pm Monday January 25th, 2016.

4  The Game and Ball

  • A bouncier ball may be used for the matches at Positions 9 and 10 if agreed upon by both players
    • The players at Positions 9 and 10 get 2 serves per rally.
  • A double yellow dot ball must be used for matches at positions from 1 to 8.

5  Play and Scoring

5.1 Markers and Referees

  • Both players must stay to referee the match after theirs. One player will be the referee and the other player will be the marker.
    • Experienced referees will assist the second matches of the day.
  • Referees will referee the first matches of the day
  • An official League Scoring Sheet will be provided, and it must be given to the individual running League that day at the end of the match.

5.2 Scoring

  • Players at spots 1-8 will play matches with PAR scoring system, best of 5 games and each game to 11 points with a 2-point difference.
  • Players at spots 9 and 10 will play matches with PAR scoring system, best of 5 games and each game to 15 points with a 2-point difference.

6 League Results and Playoffs

  • All matches must be played before the start of playoffs (January 30th, 2016), and results must be submitted by 5pm Monday January 25th, 2016.
  • Playoffs will take place during the last 3 weeks of League (Jan 30, Feb 20 and Feb 27, 2016)
    • The top 2 teams will have a bye on the first playoff day.
    • Day 2 of playoffs- top 4 teams will play for a spot in the final and bottom 2 teams will play for 5th and 6th spots
    • Day 3 of playoffs- Final between top 2 teams and 3rd and 4th spots will be played.
  • Team results will be based on number of matches won, then games, and points if necessary.