Vancouver Doubles Squash League (VDSL)

Memo October 13 2017

VDSL Memo: October 13, 2017.

Some changes and reminders.

  1. League point scoring: one point per game won plus 1 point for winning night.
  2. Game scores are required for data entry. Make note of foursome and record games scores ast match progresses.
  3. Post line-ups early. Pair A is best pair. (Not who wants to play at 6pm.)
  4. Captains be in touch with opposing captain, particularly if there are concerns.
  5. Post results at earliest convenience.
  6. First Pair On schedule can be found in two places on the VDSL pages; next to HOME button and further down the page “Latest News”. Two memo comment on schedule and Pair A and Pair B.
  7. Players help your captains. A) Make a note of opponents’ names and keep track of games scores after each game. B) Mark your availability on the web site.
  8. Players and captains, please review your rosters and make a note of any rankings that appear too high or too low (roughly 30 or so points off). During the season of play, please raise concerns of rankings that do not seem reasonable. Send any problematic rankings to Lynn Broman with player name, current ranking points, and proposed adjusted ranking or a few names of players of similar skill.
  9. VDSL is a sanctioned event with Squash BC and the sanctioning fee is $80 per team. An invoice will be sent to each club. That is my understanding of how things work.
  10. Playing VDSL requires membership in good standing with Squash BC. I believe that Hollyburn, VLT, and Evergreen opt for bulk membership, so be sure you are included. Watch for a note saying that you are active and paid up on the SHQ web site. VRC I believe leaves Squash BC membership up to individual members.

Kinds regards and good squashing,

Lynn Broman