Vancouver Doubles Squash League (VDSL)

Setting line up for a match

Submitting your line up for a match.

You choose two players as your Pair A and two others as your Pair B.

Pair A is your best team.

Note that there is a schedule that indicates which pair is on first for the evening.

That schedule is posted on SHQ in a couple of places.


The expectation is that you will submit your line up a few days before a scheduled match.

The opponents line up will show up on your screen. If there are concerns about your opponent’s line up that should be addressed well in advance of the match. If a captain has difficulty with the pre-set times for Pair A and Pair B, that should also be addressed well ahead of time.


Sets to set your line up.

Log into SHQ.

Select Vancouver Doubles Squash League.

Select Division.

Select view teams

Select Go To Team Page (found at bottom of your roster).

Scroll to Schedule Page

Select Set Line Up (found at far right)

Beside each name at the far left is Position. Select either Pair A or Pair B

Pair A is your best pair.

Note that a column headed Pos. will show your ranking of players on your roster – either A or B or left blank.

For the roster you may select A for all your players, select the top few players as A and the remainder as B. You are encouraged to not leave the default Spare. Spare should be reserved for those who are truly spares, ie seldom called upon or borrowed from other teams.

Your initial ranking of players need not restrict how you construct your match line up.

Your line up is to be guided by skill level, not the time they prefer to play.