Vancouver Doubles Squash League (VDSL)

Start times and ranked pairs

VDSL 2017 18: Ordered Pairs and Start Times


Ordered Pairs

VDSL is intended to be competitive and to that end it is expected that the best pair is matched to play the best pair. In singles it is very simple, ranking points determines positions 1 through 5. Doubles is a little more complicated, however, the spirit is the same. In the doubles format the best pair is designated as "A" and the other as "B". Your best pair plays their best pair ; A vs A. The best pair will have the higher average ranking points and in many cases the two top ranked players.  


Start Times

Wednesday evenings are divided into two sessions, one that begins at 6pm and the other at 8pm.

Two matches are scheduled for each of the two sessions. Court bookings are 6&7pm for the early session and 8&9pm for the later session.

First match begins at either 6pm or 8pm. The second match follows directly after the conclusion of the first match. The second pair should commence at the conclusion of the first match.

The spirit of league play is that all players are there for the two matches and socializing. To enable players to economize their time, the first pair on is known in advance. This is published on SHQ as an announcement and in a "page" next to HOME. Who plays at 6pm and who plays the second match is prescheduled. The start time schedule indicates which pair (A or B) begins the evening. If "A" pair is scheduled as first on, that means best pair, not who might be available at the prescribed time.

If captains find themselves in a difficult situation, and wish to alter the prescribed order of play, they should seek permission from the opposing captain well in advance of the match. It is unfair for a team to gain an advantage by playing pairs out of order.

SHQ sends out alerts when a player seems to be out of position, i.e. a player on the B pair is ranked higher than a player on the A pair. SHQ does not differentiate left and right wall rankings, so there may not be an infraction. The plan is to work with SHQ to adapt this "rule" so that average rankings are compared, that is A pair must be higher ranked than B pair.